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Jessica Laliah

  • A Jewelry Designer
  • A Motivator
  • An Entrepreneur
  • A Multi-Media Brand
  • An Inspiration

Jessica Laliah

Are just a few ways, to describe this ambitious and intelligent young woman. Born and raised in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pa; Jessica’s drive for success and her passion for art and entertainment, began at a very young age.

With dreams and aspirations of becoming a self-made businesswoman, Jessica knew that ambition and drive would propel her into a brand. In order to gain the insight and skills to build her own empire, she began working in the fashion field.

In 2010, Jessica began to take that step, by utilizing the media world. Jessica created a channel on the largest video publication website, known as YouTube. From there, she signed a deal with Driver Digital, who is launching her into a social media maven.

But, this journey has not always been such a smooth ride for Jessica. She hit a rough patch in her personal life, which had her willing to give up on her dream.

Trying to find acceptance, peace of mind, and strength: She expressed her emotions through artistic body art. “I got HOPE tattooed on my right wrist, so it’s a reminder to keep going. On my left wrist, I got a tattoo of Tiger Lily flower. Tiger Lilies, are beautiful, distinct, and vibrant… which I strive to be,” is how she expresses her triumph and the view of herself.

Rising above the negativity, she gives much credit to her support system, her parents. “First, my mother. I love that drive about her, because she just won’t stop. It’s the strength and resilience of my father, which made me want to start my own business and work for myself. He is the ultimate fighter and go-getter,” says Jessica. Not only does she credit her parents for her overcoming struggles, but also to her extended and loving YouTube family.

She even shared her life experiences and hardships with her supporters on YouTube. To her surprise, she received an overwhelming response of love and gratitude. Due to her fearlessness nature, Jessica was able to reach others by opening up her life to people, that have never met her.

Jessica Laliah has only just begun. She continues to grow and reach new heights. Jessica dreams that soon, you’ll be able to tune in and see her on your television or listen to her on your radio. “Life is all about dreaming big! Dreams are forever and are always yours. You just have to fight for them, then make dreams your reality.”

As she continues to spread her wings, she has one wish; it is to inspire

people from all walks of life. As, she has already done.

“Fight for Peace, Love and Yourself!” xoxo

Jessica Laliah

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